And It Came...and Went

Our weekend came....and then went.  It went beyond our expectations.  It brought tears of joy to our eyes.  And filled our hearts with so much love for what we do as artists.  Sharing this side of ourselves with the 8 women who braved the first retreat with us only affirmed for us both that creative women need other creative women.  We need a circle.  A circle that we can unclasp our hands in, invite another in and close the circle back up.  Making the circle larger and larger.  It never has to end. 
Serenbe was a gracious host.  It's so magical there anyways that bringing an intimate group of creative minds together there just seemed to freeze time for 3 short days.  We all left yesterday morning wanting more.....  we hope that you'll consider joining us for the next retreat.  That you'll join the circle.  Be a part of this thoughtful creative journey we've started. 

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