Why Southern Circle?

this is us in Portland fall 2011....when the seed was planted
We started talking about the need for a retreat in our area as soon as we got back from Art and Soul last fall.  There is so much we love about traveling to grow our creative vocabulary, but felt like there was something missing from the larger retreats.  We talked and talked about what our retreat would look like and feel.  Then one day this summer I texted her and said...let's just do it!  And she said, "OK".  (Actually I think at first she was like what are you talking about because I was so wound up.  That's how I roll though.  She had to kind of reign me in.  And thank goodness...I can't imagine doing this with out her!!)

Always the common thread in the retreat was for it to be intimate, all supplies provided, and taught by us both equally.  There was never a doubt...well maybe a little...about where to host the event. There's something about the Serenbe community that embraces you.  I think she felt the same, because we always came back to it.  Despite the budget stress!  I have to give a HUGE shout out to her for taking the words I wrote and putting them into the pages of the website.  I know the hours of labor were lovingly done, but still WOW girl.  It is amazing.  We truly have done this as a team.  And throughout the weekend you will see this bond.  And hopefully our creative spirits will give you the strength you need to move mountains in your own creative journey.

Now onto the name.....it was birthed from texting one another.  Literally.  Not so magical, eh?  She'd text...I'd text....It was like a pinball game.  It had to be perfect though.  It had to embody what we want you to experience from the retreat.  Make sense?  It always began with Southern though (Tiffin's idea, gotta give her credit).  We'd put this word with it, that word with it.  And then came Circle.  Like a sewing circle.  Like a friendship that never ends.  Like true love should be.  We certainly have that love for our crafts.  And know you will see this shining through come January!!  If you join us that is!

So, in the end....we did a lot of the above so we can do amazing amounts of below for you in January!!!
We do hope you'll join us!!

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