How I Met Tiffin

We decided to give you a point of view from us both about how we met in 2009.  This is my side of the story.....

It's hard to believe it's been 3 years almost to the date that Tiffin and I met.  And guess what?  We met at an art show!  Peachtree City hosts an annual fall show called Shakerag.  It was the year 2009....the fall that Atlanta flooded.  Yep.  Six Flags was under water folks!!  And where were we?  In our trusty little tents praying the rain would stop and the shoppers would come visit our little show!

So let's start from the beginning shall we?  This was actually my second outdoor show.   Geesh that seems like ages ago!  I remember this well because it was the first time I used my white tent (not borrowed) and grids that Phillip and I spent 3 days building.  I was a nervous wreck when the rain came that it was going to ruin both the tent and the grids!  Next to me on my right was a young artist named Jessica, whom later took all the photos in my Jenni Horne Studios blog.  Up the hill a tad was Joy from JoyaJewlery and next to her was sweet Tiffin.  They all knew each other....and seemed larger than life to me.  Seasoned show folks.  And all so nice.   I was star struck.  And they were world travelers!  They were headed to London the 3 of them a week after the show!  Without husbands or kids.  Wow.  Yeah....I decided I was going to get to know these girls.

In Tiffin's booth she had her shades, lamps and these adorable vendor aprons.  I just had to have some aprons for the upcoming show season and asked Tiffin if she'd mind making me some in my fabrics. problem she said!   (Yes, I had to have some that matched my my outfits.  They always match too.  Ever notice that?)  So by golly the next day the rain stopped, the shoppers came and quickly the weekend came to an end.  I'd given Tiffin the fabric and she promised to have them done upon return from her trip to London.  London!

Just as promised she returned from London, made my 3 aprons and we met up at Starbucks for the exchange.  Ironically enough she hates coffee.   Immediately there was a connection between us.  We had loads in common....and yet enough differences to keep our relationship fresh and easy.  I learn something new about her every time we are together.  Over the past 3 years we've done several shows together, traveled to Portland for Art and Soul, taken my numerous graphic design calls, was the photographer extraordinaire for 52 Canvases, eaten countless eggs benedict breakfasts with me and recently even made a believer out of me that french fries indeed belong on a salad.  We always seem to know how to motivate one another without pushing wrong buttons.  I admire her talents.  I trust her judgements.  I value our creative friendship.  And mostly I love that she, like me, is confident in her own work as an artist.  She's a dreamer.  And best of all a doer. 

See you at the gathering!

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