mingle by stampington

Today was a really exciting day - I headed early to the bookstore and picked up the latest copy of mingle which includes a feature on our retreat. Yes, a good day indeed!

We are just so in love with this little retreat we created and are thrilled that other people think so too. Are you joining us? Are you still on the fence? Pick up a copy of Mingle today for a little more inspiration.


  1. I obviously posted on the wrong thread so I will repeat myself. How exciting! The Mingle article was great and I can not tell you how tickled I was to see my picture in it!!! The retreat is still fresh on my heart and I have such hope of returning next year. We are in the middle of serious health issues with our youngest, so I can register just yet!! I hope you both are doing well. - Gretchen

  2. Thanks for sharing the love! You can find Mingle on our website here: http://stampington.com/mingle/Mingle-Autumn-2013