Kindred Spirits

Norcross Show October 2010

Dunwoody Show May 2011
Country Living Fair 2011
Revival of Vintage Summer 2012 (hotest day ever!!!)

I could call this post the many hair styles of Jenni and Tiffin....hahaha.....  But really these are pictures of the shows we've done together.  The good sales, the bad sales, the hot as hell days, the pouring rain and the cold days....we've had so much fun doing shows together over the years.  I think that show people are a special breed.  And once you have done one you'll see.  You bond.  Like no other bond.  Like a mother to her baby bond.  Well, maybe I shouldn't go that far.  But you do develop a kindred spirit.  It takes a gentle spirit to be an art show artist. Having friends along side of you during shows gives you that extra boost you need to make through the last hour.  That and the King of Pops.  Oh, and Frog Toggs when it's 107'.    But most of all, friends like the ones above.  Yep. 

We are kindred spirits.  On the retreat we know you will find this spirit echoing throughout the weekend as we gently guide you through the art making processes we enjoy.  We may not have the King of Pops, but we promise to give you a boost when you need and nurture your tummy with lots of hot cocoa and smore's.    

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